Food has long since been considered an art form, but when you use it as a medium to create art, that's taking it to a whole new level. 

Food artist Tisha Cherry has been elevating food for quite some time. She takes everything form soy sauce to noodles and transforms them into the likenesses of celebrities like Queen Bey and more. 

Her cutest (and tastiest) venture yet? These adorable and intricate nerdy Oreos, which are fashioned entirely out of their creamy centers and food dyes.

The Mona Lisa never looked more appetizing.


Can you tell what this is? It's The Simpsons, D'OH!

How long will we love these Oreos? Always.

"Oh Sweet Cookie O' Mineeeeee"

Good grief.

Chew on this, Chewie.

Naturally we prefer the Light Side.

Jon Snow may know nothing, but this cookie is everything.