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It's almost holiday season, which means tons of decadent food and extra af ways to drink your booze. 

Ruffino, a wine brand most known for its bubbly prosecco, has the cutest holiday package of all time. Six mini bottles of its famous prosecco comes in a sparkly mini tote bag, and honestly it's cute enough to buy on its own. 

Clear bags are growing in popularity, especially for people who frequent events like football games or concerts, because as a security precaution, venues will often require bags be see-through. Now, you probably won't be able to bring in the six mini bottles, but the adorable sparkly tote is totally reusable. 

Pop the bubbly! It's time for some prosecco, and I've found the best way to transport it this holiday season. 

Now that it's almost the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more — food and booze are flowing. That means you can pop the bubbly without any feelings of remorse, and it's time to gather friends and family for fun events. Ruffino, a popular wine brand, is capitalizing on this time of year with some of the cutest merchandise for its mini prosecco bottles. 

The Ruffino Prosecco Holiday Six-Pack, $100

Ruffino Prosecco holiday gift bag
photo: Ruffino

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Look at this sparkly tote bag! Now you can carry your wine with class. The cute and classy tote bag is the best way to show up to any party — you'll be the absolute hero. 

This could be you, too!

Or maybe you snuck a few sips while sitting on the train on the way there. One person tweeted a funny and, honestly, relatable story, "The girl on my train who took three mini bottles of Prosecco out of her bag and has been drinking them throughout the trip … absolutely iconic." 

This clear bag is so cute with or without the mini bottles. 

The clear bag is totally reusable and on-trend. The only downfall is making sure your purse stays clean, which is a big ask. But the cute mini bag is perfect for transporting mini bottles of prosecco in the most extra way. 

Ruffino Prosecco Six-Pack, $32

Ruffino Prosecco six-pack
photo: Ruffino

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And if you just need the wine and not the bag, there's this six-pack for much less money but also less cheer. Impress guests with prosecco cocktails, because they are so easy to make and taste delicious. Here are 12 recipes from Cosmopolitan