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If there's a way to make a drink more special, it's edible glitter stars and making it fizzy. 

Target's Raspberry Wine Fizzers are a fun way to amp up happy hour or to add to a simple glass of water if you're on the dry January kick. These fun additions to any beverage would be perfect for Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day as we single folk like to call it). 

Target shoppers on Instagram have shown off their finds and have even offered giveaways of the popular item that's selling out fast. 

The Instagram account Target Bargains by Kealana found this drink gem, and it quickly racked up tons of likes. 

The popular drink mix-in was released around the holidays and sold out quickly. Now she's offering giveaways with her stockpile. According to Kealana, these also work with champagne and don't make the glass overflow, as one commenter questioned. 

Raspberry Flavored Sparkling Wine Fizzers — Wondershop, $6

Raspberry Wine Fizzer
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The edible glitter stars are made up of mostly sugar and baking soda, according to the information online, so it's totally safe to consume. Plus, they add that carbonated fizz to any flat drink or make bubbly ones even more so. Plop them into a cocktail or glass of soda water with a squeeze of lime for a special addition. 

25 Ct Paper Straws Beautiful Botanics Rose Gold, $6

Target rose gold paper straws
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While you're at it, grab an entire cocktail set and complete the beverage with these adorable rose gold paper straws. Everyone knows plastic straws are horrible for the environment, and these ones come in such a fun color. 

13 oz. Tall Glass Tumbler — Room Essentials, $1

Target glasses
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Plus, Target has perfect cocktail glasses for so, so cheap. These 13 oz. tumblers cost less than a dollar. Gather a set for when you host your next happy hour. 

Assembly Brands Cocktail Mixer, $13

Target traveller's cocktail kit
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If you're gonna drop a fizzer into your champagne, it might as well be a totally decked-out glass. Practice your most extra drinking habits by bringing a fizzer and this cocktail traveling kit on the plane, and be the envy of your seatmate. Amp up your glass with elderflower syrup and the Raspberry Fizzer.