Wendy's breakfast
photo: Twitter/Wendy's

Fast food chains are notorious for feuding on Twitter, especially on the horizon of a new menu launch. So when Wendy's announced that it would be launching a breakfast menu, of course it kicked off the campaign by throwing some major shade at the competition. Opponent number one: McDonald's. Wendy's is claiming to be putting the Egg McMuffin to shame, but the verdict is still out. 

Check out the rivalry ahead.

As we're sure you've all seen, Wendy's has been teasing its new breakfast menu for quite some time.

And they began some insane promo by enlisting the help of one of its biggest enemies' former employees. "Tomorrow morning, we show former McDonald’s Chef @Mike_Haracz what breakfast is supposed to taste like. Brace yourself for #WendysBreakfast," they tweeted. What followed was the chef singing the new Wendy's breakfast's praises. 

And of course there was some Burger King shade involved. 

The fast-food chain appeared to have even lured in the king with its latest. So much so, Wendy's claimed that he was camping out for the breakfast launches. "Oof," Wendy's tweeted alongside a hilarious photo. "We've got 6 days till March 2nd. Seems excessive but hey, you're the King."

Needless to say, Wendy's got everyone's hopes up pretty high. 

And this morning, dreams were fulfilled as fans of the chain lined up to be some of the first to get their hands on the new menu. The most popular new item? A Breakfast Baconator. "America’s bout to fall in love with their new favorite breakfast," Wendy's posted last night. "They just don’t know it yet."

And by the looks of Twitter, it appears to be so far, so good. 

First-time tasters are taking to Twitter to express their thoughts, and it's looking like the reaction is freakishly positive. "I had @Wendys breakfast today and I have to say I’m impressed it’s so good," one fan of the food tweeted. 

So could this really be the end of the Egg McMuffin?

According to Wendy's, absolutely: It's even gone so far as to make a tombstone in honor of the breakfast favorite. "Here lies mediocrity," Wendy's hilariously tweeted. "#EggRIPMuffin."

But we want to hear your thoughts. Has anyone out there given it a try yet?