President Trump Iran
photo: Getty Images

Last night, news came that a US airstrike ordered by President Trump had killed Iran's top general Qasem Soleimani, sparking immense concern about an impending war with Iran. Panic ensued, particularly on social media where critics of Trump were in disbelief and feeling surmounting fear about safety. But as the stress rose, leave it to Black Twitter to ease some of the panic with a slew of hilarious tweets to keep us from crying. 

Times are getting tough, but Black Twitter is making it just a bit easier to stomach. 

Unfortunately, there aren't superheroes to save us.

"When you realize the avengers don’t really exist and they can’t fight world war 3 for us," one hilarious tweet read. This all would certainly be a whole lot easier if we had a dynamic group that could fight this unintentional war for us. 

And well, suddenly being a homemaker doesn't sound so bad.

"The US: we are considering adding women to the draft," a tweet said. 

"Me: call me old fashioned but yes, i was raised to serve my husband. cook for him. do the laundry. wake up at the crack of dawn to make him breakfast, prepare his clothes and clean the house."

Agreed, sis, agreed. 

The feminism jokes continued.

"Feminists : Women and Men are Equal 

 *World War 3 starts trending* 

 Feminists :."

Could the dedication to being strong and independent have all been a lie? As of right now, it absolutely is.

Those fearful of the draft are already trying to spark love connections. 

Like this jokester who tried his luck with a beautiful Iranian woman. With the assumption that he'll soon be in the middle east, he initiated a conversation in hopes of possible connection. "Wassup imma be in your city soon," he hilariously asked. 

Ladies, maybe we can help. 

At least that's what this tweet said of a little twerking to distract from violence. Less war, more dancing sounds good to us. "Me in world war 3 trying to distract the enemy so my friends can get away," someone tweeted. 

It's proof that Black Twitter will laugh through just about anything. 

And that even included the reckoning. Let's just say, everything will be falling apart, and the tweets will certainly still be rolling in. "People said the end of the world might be the funniest day on twitter and if this is the early vibe, they were prob right," a tweet said. 

Black people have been through a lot, but at least we know how to find the humor in it all. 

As one explanation said, "Because Black people don't know how to sit in sadness." And while it may be true, as Trump escalates a conflict with Iran, comic relief is needed now more than ever. Our thoughts are with the troops and innocent civilians who will be affected by this.