If you're bored and looking to entertain yourself for a few minutes (LOL OK, hours), face swapping is a wonderful way to do it. 

Using Snapchat's face swap filter, you can trade mugs with anything that has a face. Bestie swap? Sweet. Couple face swapping? Cute. Swapping faces with the Starbucks logo? Hilarious. But when you bring your pet into it, shit gets weird, and I'm pretty sure you aren't going to sleep for days after seeing this.

You were adequately warned. Proceed with caution. 

What fresh fucking hell is this!?

It's like they are both sucking my soul out of my body at the same time.

'Sup, evil incarnate?

She created an actual Cheshire cat and I cannot.

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Admittedly it does look like that dog was destined for that hairstyle.

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THE FUCKING TEETH. **Cries in corner**

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Are you trying to recruit me for a cult?

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Face swap or possession? I'm thinking the latter.

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All I picture is this beast shouting obscenities at me while I am shivering in my cubicle.

No. Naw. Nope. Nah.

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This is a take-no-shit kinda cat, huh?

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This is how a Wes Craven film begins.

So. This is how I die, huh?

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I'm done. Cannot. I need to go bleach my eyes.

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