What's more wholesome than Mister Rogers? Newborn babies dressed up as Mister Rogers, of course. Yes, this is a real thing, and your heart is about to grow three sizes.

For Cardigan Day — a Pittsburgh-centric celebration of World Kindness Day — fans of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood dress up in the namesake host's iconic red cardigan and tie. Fred Rogers made it his life's mission to spread kindness, and his red cardigan is symbolic of his gentle, compassionate personality. 

And so babies born on Cardigan Day at West Penn Hospital, in Pittsburgh, were given an adorable gift. Hospital staff dressed the newborns in red cardigans and ties to celebrate their hometown hero and send them off into the neighborhood with love and kindness.



Look at these little ones! Wearing tiny cardigans and ties! These freshly baked buns have been given a great welcome to the world, with the gift of kindness. Here's hoping their generation grows up to experience Mister Rogers' lessons as well!


Oh yes, there's video.

photo: Courtesy of AHN West Penn Hospital

I cannot deal. I TRULY CANNOT. Six newborns dressed up in their Mister Rogers' finest? This is absolutely the kind of content I want to see on all of my timelines. This needs to be on every Facebook wall, every Twitter feed, on the cover of every newspaper. Click on over to WTAE for the adorable footage.


UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, in Pittsburgh, also dressed up their newborns!

These infants got to wear T-shirts with ties printed on them, under plush knit cardigans, brown pants, and — are you sitting down? — knit bootie versions of Mister Rogers' sneakers, everyone. BLUE SNEAKERS. Is someone chopping onions in here?


The Mrs. Rogers even swung by to say hello to the babies!

As KDKA-2 reports, Joanne Rogers came by to see the newborns dressed up like her late beloved husband. According to the reports, Mrs. Rogers' "face lit up when she saw the six cuties lying in their bassinets." Yes, Mrs. Rogers.


What is this water coming out of my eyeballs?

I know what you're thinking. You want more pictures. Here they are, with babies from Magees all safely tucked into their bassinets, donning cozy cardigans as they pose for the camera. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood — and the local neonatal ward.