Kanye West, Whataburger
photo: Reuters, Charles Platiau/Whataburger

Texas burger chain Whataburger has a history of inserting itself into Twitter kerfuffles. 

Last year, the fast-food company's handle used the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef to promote its beef, literally. And now that Kanye West is back on his Twitter rant grind, Whataburger is back, too, and they've got jokes.  

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It all started when Kanye tweeted for people not to text or ask him anything on February 10, because obviously he had to focus on his fashion show and new album.

Whataburger's tweet got almost 1,300 likes, over 600 re-tweets, and responses like this:

But the burger chain didn’t stop there. Two days later, it sent out a tweet that forced the Twittersphere to side with burgers or Yeezy.

This time the tweet got over 1,900 RTs. 

In one corner, we have Whataburger supporters:

And in the other corner, Kanye's support group:

Kanye's Twitter is still firing on all cylinders and, just yesterday, Whataburger sent out this tweet: 

Which was a response to this tweet: 

We kind of hope this doesn't end here, because HILARIOUS.