Indisputable fact: the 1990s were the best. The music was awesome. Girl culture reigned supreme. And the fashion? Bury me in Ginger Spice's platform boot collection, is all I'm saying.

The one thing that wasn't great? The eyebrows. Plucked pencil-thin and spaced incredibly far apart, '90s eyebrows were... well, they were a look. Take it from someone who plucked out ALL her eyebrows in high school — if your brows didn't look like they were running away from each other, you weren't doing it right.

Not even celebrities were immune to the allure of '90s brows — but most of them were able to recover admirably. Here are 14 of your favorite famous people who have a TOTALLY different eyebrow situation today than in the 1990s.

At the very least, these brow makeovers prove that you can come back from anything.

Gwen Stefani's super thin, super pencilled eyebrow look underwent a MAJOR 2017 glow-up.

gwen stefani eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1997 versus 2017.

Jennifer Lopez has literally always been perfect, but her thicker, more manicured 2017 brows are definite step in the right direction.

jennifer lopez eyebrows
photo: Getty Images / Splash News

1997 versus 2017.

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, has brought her eyebrows back from overplucking in the most BEAUTIFUL way.

victoria beckham eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1995 versus 2016.

In 1996, you wanted Ginger Spice's mega-thin arches. In 2017, you're all about Geri's (presumed) microblading perfection.

ginger spice eyebrows
photo: Getty Images / Splash News

1996 versus 2016.

Naomi Campbell's early days as a model inspired all of us to go HAM with the tweezers. Today, her brows have definitely gotten an iconic upgrade.

naomi campbell eyebrows
photo: Getty Images / Splash News

1992 versus 2017.

Drew Barrymore's brows have made the most miraculous transformation.

drew barrymore eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1990 versus 2017.

Even Queen Beyoncé wasn't immune to overplucking back in the day — but you'd never know it now.

beyonce eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1996 versus 2017.

Angelina Jolie's '90s eyebrows went from borderline sperm-shaped to arched magic.

angelina jolie eyebrows
photo: Getty Images for PEOPLE / Getty Images

2008 versus 2017.

The Rock had The People's Eyebrow in the '90s, but his 2017 salt and pepper brows are the living definition of a blessed image.

the rock eyebrows
photo: Getty Images for WWE / Getty Images

1997 versus 2017.

Christina Aguilera's eyebrow makeover is the transformation we ALL dream of.

christina aguileria eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1999 versus 2017.

Brandy's very thin '90s brows are now thicker, fuller, and impeccably arched.

brandy eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1997 versus 2016.

Madonna lives to change her image — and her brows have been totally reinvented, too.

madonna eyebrows
photo: Getty Images

1993 versus 2016.

Tyra can slay ANY look — as her eyebrows clearly demonstrate.

tyra banks eyebrows
photo: Getty Images / Splash News

1995 versus 2016.

Even '90s goddess Liz Hurley, who was known for her razor-thin brows, has given them the luxurious 2017 makeover treatment.

liz hurley eyebrows
photo: WENN / Getty Images

1995 versus 2017.