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This is what my hair looked like after hopping DIRECTLY out of the shower without towel drying.

I'm SO FREAKING pleased! 

The mask left my hair feeling soft and my natural dark color looked VIBRANT — which lets me know the clay really did strip my hair of all the product buildup that can give hair a grey-ish cast. 

As for my curls, I was even more pleased with how lovely my kinks looked after the clay mask. I certainly saw a difference in how my curls usually look when I get out of the shower.

Full disclosure: I have 4C natural hair — a texture that usually shrinks the most, gets dry much easier, and is more susceptible to breakage and tangles. 

So, "curl defining" for me will never mean I automatically have looser, silkier curls after washing. 4C curls are super small and sometimes look nearly invisible if you're looking for looser curls, or if product weighs your hair down so much that the curls don't pop through. 

So will I be using this acne clay mask on my natural hair again? ABSOLUTELY.

photo: Giphy

I've found the best product results come after I've been using it for multiple washes. 

If this clay mask made my hair feel this healthy in one wash, I am excited to see how the clay mask makes my hair feel over time!