Bella Hadid loves a good beauty metamorphosis, but her newest hair transformation is having me do a double-take. Hadid has just gotten hair extensions so long, she looks like a different person from a different decade. Her new long hair is giving me serious Cher meets "Ray of Light"–era Madonna, and it must be seen to believed.

Excuse me Bella, can you please step off my neck, if it wouldn't be too much trouble?

photo: Splash

BELLA. MY GURL. You look stunning. Like, I am having heart palpitations over this look, because all of it is perfection. The extensions are beautiful, featuring the perfect beach waves, which makes sense because Hadid is in Miami for Art Basel.

On her Instagram stories, Hadid shared a behind-the-scenes look at her new extensions.

photo: Instagram/bellahadid

Getting extensions applied is an all-day procedure, and that's not including the styling involved! Hadid took us behind the scenes to show us how she did it, and it apparently involves a loooong curling wand. I am diligently taking notes.

Also, no, she doesn't have freckles or vampire eyes, it's just an Instagram filter!

Leave it to Hadid to take selfies of her new hair in the most glorious way.

Ugh, how stunning are these selfies? Hadid, clearly feeling her look, gives us the scoop on her hair through the credits. It was styled by Glen Coco, using the Hair Shop extensions and, as befitting her status as a face of Dior makeup, a soft ’60s doe-eyed look with Dior makeup by Sam Visser.

Speaking of Dior, she debuted the look at the Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2020 runway show.

photo: Splash

Hadid is basically Dior royalty, so of course she was on hand to check out the new Dior Men's show. And because she's a queen, Hadid is wearing look #46 straight from the runway — as in, she wore a runway look TO THE RUNWAY SHOW. A queen. Truly a legend. And in the above photo, she showed off her new locks at an after-show dinner in Miami.