If there was ever a time to experiment with your look, then Halloween would be it. 

Dressing up as someone different from who you normally are is part of the fun, and it can easily be done with your hair color. But if you want to look wild and crazy on Thursday night, but need to be back to normal for the Friday workday, these temporary solutions might be for you.

Temporary hair dyes can get a bad rep because they vary greatly depending on your specific hair thickness, texture, and color, so here are a few suggestions based on the type of hair you have. Popular pastel brands like Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair is perfect for pale blonds, while Manic Panic and Splat are vibrant enough to show up on even the darkest of brunettes. 

Of course, dye at your own risk, and follow instructions carefully to ensure you don't damage your hair or give yourself a dye job that lasts longer than you anticipated. 

Best for light hair: Good Dye Young Poser Paste, $18

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Paramore's Haley Williams is famous for her vibrant hair color, so it should come as no surprise that she has her own line of hair makeup and dyes. The Poser Paste is an easy-to-use thick paste that will pack a powerful punch on light hair. When dry, it leaves a chalky residue, but it's good for one night out. 

For light and thin hair: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mist, $14 

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Spray-on temporary hair dye is perfect for thin hair, because you'll get more bang for your buck. Plus, Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair was basically made for blondies. The brand suggests using it on pre-bleached hair that is either blond or platinum for the most vibrant results. 

For light and thick hair: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, $16

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This semi-permanent dye lasts longer than a night, so be warned before using a crazy color the night before an important meeting. The product is meant to "fade gracefully." The pastel shades show up perfectly on light-colored hair, and there is plenty of dye to evenly coat even the thickest of manes. 

For dark hair: Splat 1 Wash Hair Color, $9

Splat temporary hair dye
photo: Splat

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Splat is an age-old dye option, and it's kept its good reputation for vibrancy even on dark locks. This one-wash hair dye comes out after your next shampoo, so there's no worries about looking like a goblin the day after Halloween. There's even a handy comb at the end of the tube to distribute the dye into your hair evenly. 

For dark and thin hair: Manic Panic Temporary Spray-On Color and Root Touch-Up, $7

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This is another spray for thin hair: If you want the color to really show, then Manic Panic is the option for you. The bright shades have names like Wildfire and Electric Lizard, which should be a warning for the vibrancy of the color. Another age-old hair dye option, Manic Panic has helped rebellious teens and cosplayers test out new colors for years. 

For dark and thick hair: Gemini Naturals Get Hued Temporary Hair Color, $23

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Nico Reyes at Beauty Insider tested out a few different temporary hair-dyes, and the Gemini Naturals worked best in her thick, curly, dark brown hair. Plus, it washed out pretty easily. While it's a little pricey at $23, it's worth it in the end when the product actually shows up on thick, dark locks. 

For streaks: Dippity-Do Colorpop Electric Hair Chalk, $7

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If you're wanting easy-to-apply streaks, then hair chalk might be the answer for you. This option from Dippity-Do comes in a little chapstick-esque holder, so you won't get your hands totally stained. Plus, it makes it easy to bring with you to freshen up your color throughout the night. The dye comes in this pale blue shade and a lime green one. 

For sparkles: Unicorn Snot Bio Glitter Gel, $14

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Finally, who wouldn't want to add some sparkle to their Halloween look? Especially one called Unicorn Snot! If you're eco-friendly — and why wouldn't you be — then Unicorn Snot will have you feeling way better about your glitter obsession. The biodegradable flecks aren't made of plastic, so there's no harm to the planet. It's usable on your body, face, and hair, so you'll be glinting the whole night, from head to toe.