Billie Eilish
photo: Splash News

Billie Eilish has had a storied hair journey, testing out multiple colors and styles, but the mullet might be her most daring look so far. 

Toward the end of summer 2019, mullets were the hottest hair trend. Barbie Ferreira rocked her mullet style at New York Fashion Week, and Halsey wore hers on Instagram. The business in the front and party in the back style was made most popular by Billy Ray Cyrus in the '80s. Now women are taking a stab at the look, and it's working out surprisingly well. 

Eilish is the epitome of cool and has a style all her own, so it's fitting that she chose a hair look as out-there as a mullet. 

Billie Eilish jumped on board the mullet train. 

At the LACMA Art + Film Gala, Eilish and tons of other celebrities stepped out to honor influential artists and filmmakers. Gucci is the gala's most generous sponsor, so most of the celebrities were wearing custom looks from the label. Eilish wore her standard oversize ensemble with giant sunglasses and the retro hairstyle. 

Eilish and her brother Finneas O'Connell walked the red carpet together. Eilish fangirled over many of the gala's attendees. 

Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell
photo: Splash News

The sibling music duo are relatively new to the spotlight, but have blown up in the past couple years. Now they're alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Eilish had a major fangirl moment with supermodel Naomi Campbell and posed with Jared Leto, John Legend, and more. 

She's had green roots for a while now, but this look is totally different from what she had just a few weeks ago at SNL

Her signature green roots, which inspired tons of copycat looks on Halloween, are still present. However, Eilish has a totally new but retro haircut. The front strands of hair are short, almost like a bowl cut. But in the back, her hair gets long and layered. This new look is totally unlike the classic face-framing style she had at SNL about a month ago. 

Fans might be able to spot the new chop on tour, but knowing Eilish, she could also switch it up at any moment. 

Eilish has had plenty of hair colors and styles in the past few years, so she could switch it up at any moment. The artist has kept the bright green roots for some time now, though. She is definitely going to take the mullet to ultra-trendy status. 

Eilish's custom Gucci outfit looked exactly like her style. 

The brand shared an image of the vocalist to its Instagram account and explained the look in detail. Eilish wore an oversize bowling shirt made of wool with joggers, oversize sunglasses, and chunky sneakers. Meanwhile, her brother wore a dark floral velvet suit.