Waterfall hair has been WINNING on Instagram this year (Nicki Minaj, anyone?). But hey, pixie cuts, fades, and full-on #baldbaddies deserve a shout-out, too! So when Twitter user  @YooShesPauly put out a call for Black women to share their short hairstyles, the responses were LIT. 

Leading with a gif of magical Black woman-in-Chief Taraji P. Henson, SEVERAL Black women shared their fiercest pictures. 

This blonde naturalista showed that she likes to change it up. 

Her crown is basically GLOWING and I love it. 

Purple? HECK YES. 

Here's what happens when you challenge Mother Nature to a game of fierceness and WIN. 

If you're not using the fire filter with your red hair selfie then are you really living? 

This gray gave me LIFE. 

If Josephine Baker lived in 2017, she'd probably slay in these updated finger waves. 

Yes, you CAN have tousled waves with short hair. 

Regardless of her accessory, this look is breathtaking. 

So much sharpness I CAN'T HANDLE IT. 

Her fade is everything.

Staying slick in EVERY trimester. 

*Stares and slays simultaneously* 

Gotta love the waves!

Bald girls DO stay winning. 

Whether you prefer it natural, straight, cropped close, or full volume, #Teamshorthair is THRIVING. 

But still just look, don't touch.