braid piercing

Portrait of a punk-rock unicorn.

photo: Christina Aguilera / Instagram

It is a truth universally acknowledged: Braids are the damn best. They keep your hair our of your face, protect delicate strands, and just generally look cool as hell.

And the latest trend? Braid piercings. That's right; if you've been looking for a way to liven up your plait situation, hoops threaded through hair are the way to do it.

Let us go on a braidsvestigation and take a closer look at this trend.

We first spotted braid piercings on Christina Aguilera, noted Genie in a Bottle and current judge on "The Voice."

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The hoops were the work of stylist extraordinaire Chris Appleton, who says the metal detailing adds a punk-inspired touch to an otherwise clean style.

He breaks down exactly how he styled this on Christina's website.

Blac Chyna was next to get in on the pierced braids lewk.

Her stylist, Kellon Deryk, gave us this sneaky detailed look at the style on his Snapchat.

This is so, so soothing to me.

And then she posted this #sponsored Instagram pic with pierced braids and fiance Rob Kardashian.

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Note how Chyna's braid piercings are much more uniformly spaced — a woman after my own OCD, symmetry-is-everything heart.

Not to be outdone, Xtina was like 'oh, I see your two pierced braids, and I'll raise you.'

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This is A LOT OF LOOK, and I'm here for it.

Her stylist called this "full-on warrior princess," and that's not wrong! A center braid and two side braids, all pierced with wide metal hoops = dreams.

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Which celebrity do you think will wear braid piercings next? Are you going to try them? I definitely will; they're very in keeping with my Goth Queen aesthetic.

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