Camila Cabello has been a dedicated brunette for her entire music career, and she wears the hair color so well. Now the singer has made a brighter hair color change that literally no one expected, and her fans are going nuts over the look. Cabello has finally decided to see what all the fuss over being blonde is about! She dyed her hair platinum blonde for her new "Find You Again" music video. 

This is Cabello like no one has ever seen her before, and fans are just hoping they get more daring hair looks in the future!

Here is the brunette Camila Cabello whom fans have known and loved since her Fifth Harmony days.

The Cuban singer is a brunette bombshell! Her hair is most often in beautiful, long beach waves that so many of her loyal fans try to emulate. Several media outlets have turned to one of her hairstylists, Sarah Potempa, for the secret to those beach waves. By the way, she's revealed that she often uses the iconic luxury Beachwaver Pro 1.25 Curling Iron ($200, Ulta). We recommend you try and scoop that whenever Ulta has a massive sale on hair products.

Now Camila Cabello is serving up yet another hairstyle her fans can re-create. 

"What should her name be?" Cabello asked about the new look. "'Find You Again' vid is out tomorrow." Yes for this platinum blonde look with dark roots and dark brows! It's good to see that ’90s style is still around and kicking! The wet look also looks super sultry on Cabello and has us expecting lots of cool summer vibes in her new music video.

Her hairstylist, Dimitri Giannetos, should definitely be proud of his work.

Cabello has been working with Giannetos on her hair lately, and he's been slaying it left and right. From her signature brown beach waves to pretty updos with wavy tendrils, Giannetos keeps the pop star looking effortlessly flawless. We're super glad that he helped her with this daring blonde transformation. Cabello is definitely a star who can pull off being either blonde or brunette.

People immediately flooded Cabello's Instagram with new names for her hairstyle.

"I can’t decide between Camila Montana or Hannah Cabello," one fan wrote in reference to Miley Cyrus' former Disney character. Another person recommended that she name her new look "Ashley double O." Cute. Thanks to dating rumors swirling about her and Shawn Mendes being an item, some fans think the appropriate name for her look is "Camila Mendes." What a spicy choice.

Of course, there were some people who didn't love the blonde hair as much.

"You're always beautiful, but come back to a normal Camila, because a real one is the prettiest woman in the world," one fan wrote. 

But what's wrong with having a little hair color fun? The summer season is the perfect excuse. It's also good for celebrities — especially pop stars — to switch up their look from time to time to set themselves apart and keep their images fresh for fans. Cabello also happens to look stunning with both hair colors.

People are also comparing her to one of the most popular blonde pop stars our world has ever seen!

"You look so much like Britney Spears," one fan wrote along with a photo of Spears with very similar blonde strands and dark roots. Oh, you see it! I know you see it! Cabello is simply following in the blonde bombshell footsteps of one of the best pop stars to ever do it! Spears is somewhere proud as heck of this reference, for sure.

What's your vote? Brunette Cabello or Blonde Cabello?

Of course, her natural dark hair looks best. It was obviously made just for her! Still, we can't get over how cool she looks with this platinum color. Stay tuned for the "Find You Again" video, which is set to release this Tuesday!