Carolar Acosta, better known as "Killadamente," has been creating body-positive videos for Latinos since January 2015. 

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Killadamente's humorous videos have grown to reach 6 million people in only two years. 

In a recent YouTube video, Acosta read a heartbreaking email from a 12-year-old girl with cancer. 

The message read as follows: 

Killada, about a year ago I learned to love myself, regardless of what others may think of me. A few months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had learned to love myself thanks to your videos, but now I am too skinny and bald. I feel so ugly, I just want to die. Hopefully one day you will answer my message.

Acosta's response to the email shocked fans to the point of tears: The social media star shaved her head in solidarity with the young fan. 

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Said Acosta, "First of all, you don't need this [hair] to be pretty. What makes us beautiful is how we are on the inside and how much we can love each other. Those things cannot be seen on the outside."

The comedian also created a Go Fund Me to raise money for various charities benefiting children with cancer, including her 12-year-old fan. 

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In just two days, the Go Fund Me page had raised close to $5,631.

Click here to donate. 

You can watch the entire video below, provided you have a box of Kleenex nearby!