As 2017 is slowly coming to an end and 2018 is right around the corner, you're probably preparing your new year's resolutions. To that end, may we suggest making a big, bold hair change? There's no time like the present — or like two weeks from now — to have the hair color you've ALWAYS wanted.

So as you pop that champagne this New Year's Eve, think about champagne hair. Yes, it's a thing. From rose-tinted platinums to golden blonde streaks, when you're thinking about your 2018 look, think champagne.

Here are 27 examples of champagne blonde that will inspire and delight you.

Look at that color match!

Goldilocks, who?!

Champagne can be as subtle as you like...

...Or BEAUTIFULLY dramatic.

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I call this one champagne ice. 

Pink champagne. 

Peachy champagne hair is always a good idea.

Champagne highlights. 

Champagne in your bob? Oh yes.

Pixie cut!

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50 shades of champagne.


This ombre is getting me tipsy, it's so beautiful.

Perfect cut, perfect color!

Bringing in 2018 like:

Yes, yes, YES!

Lavender to champagne fade, i.e. how I'm leaving 2017.


Men can rock it, too!

A golden-blonde shade is a Barbie dream.

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Swirls of bubbly!

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This is beyond gorgeous.

This color could be mistaken for ribbons.

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Pulling up NYE like:

Champagne can be edgy OR sweet.

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Either way, this color will definitely leave you with a buzz.