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And oh my god, STARRY NIGHT!

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I'm Van Goghing to do this to myself (not sorry for that joke).

And this chic, minimalist Rothko is an absolute dream.

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"It was actually kind of fun trying to get that silvery gray color," writes Ursula. "It took me about 3 tries with demi-permanent color to get the tone where I wanted it - and I like that this has almost an editorial feel to it."

Up next? Recreating Picasso's "La Reve."

picasso la reve
photo: Picasso / Wikipedia

You can get a sneak peek at this work in progress on her blog.

Ursula is an absolute genius, and a master at what she does.

A photo posted by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on

You should definitely follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog where she takes you through her *entire* creative process.