Being a beauty-lover can be hard. There are so many choices: Bold or nude lip? Smoky shadow or cat eye? Matte complexion or HIGHLIGHTED FOR THE GODS?

But by far, the hardest choice has always been hair color. We've always had to pick one main color for our hair — and to change it, we have to spend hours with bleach, toner, and dye transforming it.

Until now. This woman has found a way to change her hair color in five seconds flat, and the internet is freaking the hell out.

Reddit user (and rainbow hair afficionado) Moniquey shared this ~mesmerizing~ gif of her hair transforming from blue to pink with just a flip of her head.


Because I CANNOT.

The trick, such as it is, is revealed when Monique shows us her hair from the back.

As you can see, there pink on one side and blue on the other, with a teeny sliver of blended purple in the center. So it isn't just ~rainbow mermaid realness~ from the front — it's also insanely beautiful from behind.

It also shows us how we mere mortals can achieve this mesmerizing transformation: part hair down the center and dye each half a different color. Deep-part your hair to one side, so that only one color is visible on top — and to change it, flip your hair and deep-part it to the OTHER side. Voila. 

This isn't the first time we've seen color-changing hair.

Back in summer, this woman went crazy-viral for her platinum-to-brown transforming hair. And I have to be honest, even though I hate what bleach does to my head, this is so cool I'm like "Maybe it's worth it."

Which of these colors is YOUR favorite?

I personally refuse to choose — they're both exceptional.

Are you in love with the magical color-changing hair? What two colors would you dye your lovely locks?

I'd do black and white, obviously —tell me your picks in the comments, or on Facebook!