I hope you're not sick of magical, multicolored hair yet, because I have news for you. The color geniuses at Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne have created the newest rainbow trend you're going to lose your mind over: confetti hair.

That's right — prepare to turn yourself into a party unicorn.

Confetti hair is exactly what it sounds like — a literal rainbow of colors hand painted onto hair to create a look reminiscent of your favorite childhood party favor.

The salon describes it as "A soft pastel celebration for your head."

And it. Is. STUNNING.

To create the multidimensional style, alternating bands of color are applied to wide, flat sections of hair.

The pros at blondie "stack" differently painted sections on top of one another so that the finished look is spotty, not stripy.

And OH BOY, does it ever!

And Blondies is taking it to another level — using customized sponges to "stamp" the bands of color onto hair.

I could watch videos of confetti hair creation ALL DAY.

And the results are pure joy.

Confetti color will work on any length or texture of hair — as long as it's been bleached first.

It's a tale as old as time, but if you want ANY kind of pastel hair color, you'll have to "pre-lighten" — which means bleach — your hair first. So if you're not into the damage that can be caused by that platinum life, you may want to reconsider confetti.

And according to the salon, yes — it WILL fade.

There's no such thing as permanent rainbow hair dye, so yes, your perfect confetti hair WILL fade with time. The good news is that if you go to an awesome salon like Blondies, they'll be able to give you the products and know-how to extend your color's life — whether you're a unicorn, a mermaid, or a confetti-loving party princess.

One thing's for sure: Confetti hair is downright magical.

Talk about summer hair goals!

I might have hair dyed as black as my soul, but this magical polka-dotted incredibleness is really making me want to become a unicorn. Keep your eyes on Blondies of Melbourne's Instagram for more insanely creative color inspiration — who knows what rainbow trend they'll start next?