It's 2020, and natural hair discrimination is still legal in most states, including Texas. It's there where a high school boy named DeAndre Arnold was told that he had to cut his dreadlocks or he would not be able to attend prom and walk at graduation. The story has made national headlines, and the outpouring of support for Arnold from celebrities has landed the teen and his mother two seats at the Oscars. 

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The unfortunate news of DeAndre Arnold has captured the attention of the country. 

The Mont Belvieu, Texas, teen garnered national attention last week when he was told by administrators at Barbers Hill High School that he would not be allowed to walk at graduation nor attend his senior prom if he didn't cut his dreadlocks. 

The student, who's maintained good grades and has no reports of behavioral problems, was told that his dreads could not be past a certain length, and he was placed in in-school suspension. 

The incident of racial discrimination has become such a national story that this week he visited The Ellen Show

Not only did Ellen DeGeneres have him on the show to tell his story, and plead her own case as to why he should not be punished for his hair, she also partnered with Shutterfly, and Arnold was presented with a $20,000 check by none other than singer and 2020 Grammy Awards host Alicia Keys. 

Now Arnold and his mother will be going to the Oscars. 

Thanks to the short film Hair Love, the 18-year-old and his mother are headed to Los Angeles next week as guests of the Oscar-nominated cast and crew. "Since Deandre Arnold’s school didnt want to let him walk at his graduation because of his hair we figured that he should walk with us on the red carpet at the #Oscars as our special guest," director Matthew A. Cherry tweeted. 

"Thank you @itsgabrielleu @DwyaneWade & @Dove for their help."

Cherry, who has dreads himself, feels a particular connection to the story. 

And stories like Arnold's are exactly why films like Hair Love were created, to empower those with natural hair to embrace their texture regardless of what others think.

We can't wait to see the teenager and his beautiful mother walk that red carpet on Sunday, February 9, but we'll be even happier if he gets to walk across that stage for graduation. 

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The story, which shows the beautiful bond of a father doing his daughter's hair, is nominated for Best Short Film at this year's Academy Awards and has been turned into a children's book. 

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