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In 2017, Lovato had long mermaid locks in her signature dark brown color. 

Demi Lovato hair
photo: Splash News

At the InStyle Awards in Los Angeles, Lovato wore a silk dress in lilac. The singer looked radiant, and her luscious locks cascaded down her back. Now she's much more likely to sport a cropped bob. 

Lovato revealed a drastic blue hairstyle with a stylized buzz cut on the side of her head in October 2014.

Demi Lovato shaved head
photo: Splash News

The singer took her punk rock vibes to the next level with a blue-toned shaved head. The designs in the shaved area were popular during this era, and she took advantage of it. The former Disney star had tried about every color under the sun at this point. 

Lovato wore matching lavender nails to match the dip-dye hairstyle she wore in June 2014. 

Demi Lovato purple hair
photo: Splash News

At LOGO TV’s "Trailblazers Pride" event, Lovato wore a leather dress and styled her long, half-shaved hairstyle in a purple ombré look. The singer had announced a world tour with Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, and Cher Lloyd, in 2014. Plus, at this point she had already been a judge on the X Factor.

In 2014, the then 22-year-old won a humanitarian award sporting dark pink and brunette hair. 

Demi Lovato pink hair dark roots
photo: Splash News

Lovato pulled back her multicolored hair into a chiffon style at the Unite 4 Humanity event in Los Angeles. The singer sported a leather dress and looked rocker-chic. She and her childhood bestie Selena Gomez won awards for their humanitarian efforts. 

At one point in 2014, Lovato had gone all out, with a full head of rainbow tresses. 

Demi Lovato hair
photo: Splash News

Lovato continued the wild hairstyles with ombré mermaid ends and her natural hair at the roots. Spotted leaving a California location, the singer wore a black hat and a leather jacket. The brightly colored hair sparked a punk trend in the musician, inspiring future looks.

This undercut style in 2014 is what sparked the infamous photo of "Poot Lovato." 

Demi Lovato hair shaved
photo: Splash News

An unfortunate angle and bad lighting marked the start of the meme "Poot Lovato," something of an alter ego for the "Skyscraper" singer. While she didn't appreciate the ridicule at first, Lovato learned to laugh about the bad picture. Clearly, she was a fan of the shaved head style, as it stuck around for most of 2014.

Lovato's pink tresses started off 2014 strong. 

Demi Lovato long pink hair
photo: Splash News

In her early 20s, Lovato loved to experiment with out-there colors, and this hot pink was just the beginning of a vibrant year. At this point, Lovato was coming into her own as an adult and coming off a successful Disney career. She had recently worked as an X Factor judge and created new music, so she was getting ready for her world tour. 

The pop star sported a bright blue bob at the debut for her book Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year. 

Demi Lovato blue
photo: Splash News

In 2013, Lovato was already a strong proponent of mental health advocacy and had been struggling with substance abuse. Her book featured her own quotes and words that provided "powerful, honest, and hopeful insights." The book also included a journal for fans to write out their own affirmations to follow. 

While promoting her self-titled album in 2013, the "Neon Lights" singer had teal ombré locks. 

Demi Lovato blue hair
photo: Splash News

This teal blue shade transitioned from green to a vibrant blue tone. Lovato's fourth studio album Demi featured some powerhouse hits, like "Heart Attack," "Really Don't Care," and "Warrior." Her incredible vocals were undoubtable, and she was truly one of the biggest musicians of the year, alongside fellow Disney alumni Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. 

In 2012, Lovato was nearly unrecognizable with a platinum blonde shade and blunt bangs. 

Demi Lovato blonde with bangs
photo: Splash News

A true hair chameleon, Lovato transitioned between a variety of styles in this era too. The celebrity loved to look boho-chic one day and punk rock the next. This year, one of the star's favorite moments was when her song "Give Your Heart a Break" hit number one on pop radio. 

Lovato began experimenting with unconventional colors when she showed off this bright pink dip-dye on her blonde hair.

Demi Lovato blonde hair, pink dip-dye
photo: Splash News

Clearly, the star has always been a fan of the dip-dye trend, as more than seven years later she's still trying it out with various colors. In 2012, Lovato sang songs from her recently released album Unbroken on Good Morning America. Shortly after the dye job, Lovato shared a picture showing off the style that she tweeted from her now-deleted Twitter account. 

After Lovato's Disney days truly came to an end, she sported a vibrant red shade. 

Demi Lovato red hair
photo: Splash News

Lovato went a few different shades of red during this time, some more fire engine and others more orange. The 2011 look was totally new, and fans were obsessed. She shared an image of this new color on her Twitter account, and assured her followers it didn't look as orange in person. 

Original Lovatics will recognize this look as the classic Disney Demi from 2009.

Demi Lovato old hair
photo: Splash News

Lovato first started out on the Disney Channel in 2007 and continued until nearly 2010. Throughout her time there, she had dark brunette hair, sometimes curled with blunt bangs. This 2009 image of the singer is a classic Demi Lovato look. 

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