Demi Lovato is no stranger to a bold hair color. The singer has switched up her look multiple times in a variety of vibrant styles, from blonde to blue. 

Now she's taken a page right out of Billie Eilish's book and has gone for a neon green dip-dye and highlights. Fans are obsessed with the alien vibes that look so chic on the artist. 

Lovato recently posted an empowered and unedited bikini photo to promote self-love and acceptance. Experimenting with makeup and hair colors is another way to play with your look and get creative with what makes you feel the most confident. 

The singer's hairstylist, Amber Maynard, shared an up-close look at the dip-dye job. 

Lovato's locks are still her signature dark brunette, but now they have a neon green accent. Maynard, or Alchemist Amber on Instagram, is a master stylist at a hair salon in Los Angeles, Nine Zero One. The playful style is subtle enough to still be classy, but so fun for the upcoming Halloween season.

Lovato shared a series of photos to her Instagram Stories, which fans thankfully saved. 

Lovato has yet to show off the look in her feed, but gave sneak peeks in her Stories. It looks like just the very ends of her hair were given the neon green treatment. But whenever Lovato flips her hair to one side or the other, it gives off the appearance of streaky highlights. 

It looks like the former Disney star was slimed by Nickelodeon. 

Even though Lovato was a Disney kid through and through, she could probably relate to the antics of fellow child stars on a different network. Nickelodeon's slime was a bright neon green color similar to this look. Lovato surprised her fans with the new green hair color on her Instagram Story, and they were obsessed. 

Fans took to Twitter to stan over the star's new style. 

"Demi's new hairstyle absolutely made my day … SHE LOOKS SO STUNNING," one fan account wrote and shared an image of the celebrity. The look is edgy and cool, plus a little goth chic. Lovato should absolutely keep the look throughout the spooky season. 

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