photo: Instagram/Blake Newby

So here's my dilemma: I'm a beauty writer living in New York City, but my go-to hairstylist is in Washington, DC. Since I started going to her in 2016, I promised myself that she would be the one and only person I ever let color in my hair. However, my trips there are now limited, and my hair grows out of dye very quickly. The last time my hair was color treated was about a year ago. I know you might think that means my hair looks awful, but thanks to an amazing colorist, it doesn't at all — still, after more than 365 days, it is pretty grown out. 

That's when Glam Seamless came to my rescue. I first came across its lifesaving hair extensions during a styling session with Kim Kardashian's hairstylist Chris Appleton, who is also the global artistic director for the brand. As a weave connoisseur, I was hesitant to try them, but the silky, precolored, ethically sourced extensions turned me all the way Beyoncé blonde in seconds. I've been hooked since.

For those who want to protect their hair from damage but still want colors that appear natural, look no further; your dream highlights are only a click away. 

Naturally, my hair color is a dark brown — what they call a "2" in the hairdressing profession.

photo: Instagram/Blake Newby

I've had my fair amount of tries with hair colors throughout the years, including some bad dye jobs in high school, which is why I'm so picky about who colors my hair now.

Right now, however, the bottom of my hair, which I haven't colored or highlighted in a year, is a solid 4 and lighter. 

photo: Instagram/Blake Newby

I love a good honey blonde. 

That's where Glam Seamless, the hair extension brand by which celebrities such as Ashley Graham swear, comes in.

photo: Instagram/David Lopez

Yes, this is really her wearing them. 

The ethically sourced extensions are available in a whopping 47 shades. 

photo: Instagram/Glam Seamless

If you can't find something to suit you within 47 shades, then honey, you're doing too much. They range from black to platinum blonde and also include "fashion" colors such as cherry wine, silver, and ombré. If you've been dying to go way light but are too scared to dye your own hair, look no further. They got you. 

Did we mention Hailey Baldwin rocks them as well? 

photo: Instagram/Glam Seamless

If you had any questions about if these were the real deal, that's your answer right there.

And now, so does Blake Newby. 

photo: Blake Newby

Please, please, hold your applause. 

I introduce you to the new-and-improved Jennifer Lopez! I MEAN, Blake.

photo: Instagram/Blake Newby

The transformation is crazy. 

What's even better about these extensions, on top of taking my hair color way lighter, is that they add inches upon inches to my length.

photo: Instagram/Blake Newby

How long can you go? The extensions range from 16 to 24 inches, because go big or go home, right? 

photo: Instagram/Glam Seamless

There's a reason J.Lo really does wear these babies.

photo: Instagram/J. Lo

I do love the length of my natural hair, but these extensions are way more fun. 

photo: Instagram/Glam Seamless

They come in tapes, clips, halos, and wefts. 

You can get the star treatment too. Along with the extensions, Glam Seamless offers in-salon styling in its NYC store, so you can be transformed by one of their master stylists. 

photo: Blake Newby

I mean, if Kim K's and J.Lo's hairstylist did my hair, does that make me a celebrity? 

So what are you waiting for? Transform yourself, too.