As part of my 2020 glow up, I decided to dye my hair blond. My hair is naturally medium-dark brown, so it's safe to say it was a huge hair transformation. And between the bleach, toner, heat styling, and sea salt spray, my hair is always dry and stressed out — which is why I love hair masks.

I got to try the Found Beauty Thermal Clay Hair Mask. It's designed specifically for dry, damaged hair, and I really needed it. As you'll see, it was like a spa treatment for my hair.

My poor hair needed some TLC.

Blond hair requires a lot of maintenance. I use purple-toned shampoos and conditioners to reduce brassiness. Even though Miranda Shaffer at Abel Atelier kindly gifted me the highlights and balayage of my dreams, my color still needed a bit of a toning sesh.

I used the GBG purple shampoo, which I order from Amazon ($13.90–$20.65). It foams up well, so it thoroughly coats my hair, and I leave it for about 10 minutes while I listen to The Daily podcast in the shower. This stuff is a stellar toner, but it's not exactly cleansing, so I add a bit of the Alchemic Shampoo Silver by Davines for extra grime-busting power.

After I rinsed the purple shampoo, I applied the Found Beauty Thermal Clay Mask. I loved the texture of the clay and the soft fragrance, and it spread through my hair like a dream. The directions said to leave it on for three to five minutes. Since I was done showering, I turned off the water, threw on my bathrobe, and watered my plants while I waited for my Alexa's five-minute timer.

Once Alexa began ringing, I popped back into the shower to rinse out the mask. My hair felt so soft and clean that I didn't even need conditioner, so I was already impressed. But I was going to reserve judgment until I blew out and styled my hair.

Long story short: I LOVED IT. My hair looks and feel so healthy, so nourished, and it styled like a dream. At a work meeting later in the day, my coworkers remarked at how great my hair looks. Since my hair was so clean, I was able to get actual volume going. Suffice it to say, I was beyond impressed. I now stan this clay hair mask and want to hoard packages of it — and at $2.99 a pop, they're so affordable. I give this hair mask an A+.