Gabrielle Union showed off her natural hair, and her daughter's reaction.
photo: Splash News

Gabrielle Union is an inspiration, and that has not changed in her daily quarantine life. 

The actor and mother decided to keep her hair in its natural curls during quarantine. First, the Bring It On star showed off her look in a cute video on her Instagram. Then she posted the most adorable mother-daughter photo with her one-year-old daughter, Kaavia. 

Kaavia was smiling so big while looking at her mom's hair in awe — the two finally matched.

Union's daughter, Kaavia James, had the sweetest reaction to her mom's natural hair.

Both mom and daughter, Gabrielle and Kaavia, were rocking the heck out of their adorable little curls. Union wrote, "See @kaaviajames mama's got hair like yours!! When I took my braids out she was like... now mom & baby both rocking their natural curls."

Union is chronicling her natural hair journey during the quarantine.

Union is embracing the natural life and her curls during the quarantine while keeping fans up to date. Union's hair care brand, Flawless, could have something to do with how healthy and gorgeous her hair growth is looking. She wrote, "When your natural locks appreciate the lock down. Unlocking the secret soon... ???? #InTheLab #QuarantineNaturalHairChronicles #FrederickDouglassRealness."

Union received so many supportive comments.

Tracee Ellis Ross, who also has her own hair care brand, wrote "yes beauty!!!!" Ashlee Marie Preston was laughing at Union's Frederick Douglass comment and wrote, "Did you hashtag Frederick Douglas Realness???STAAAAHHPP!!"

Her adorable daughter, Kaavia, is a total mood.

Kaavia James Union Wade is a total mood, and always has the perfect facial expression. The little girl looked so confused at her mom's natural look, but is going to be inspired one day. Union is shining a light on black beauty and embracing your curls.

Of course, super dad Dwyane Wade is also helping his youngest daughter embrace her curls.

Union shared a video of Wade styling Kaavia's hair on her Instagram page. The caption reads, "@dwyanewade wont be happy until I look like Florida Evans. #70sFroRealness Damn Damn Daaaamnnnn!! Bless his [heart] #HairLove #ShadyBaby."

Union has always embraced her style, even when she was criticized for having "too black" hair on America's Got Talent.

Twitter account The Root wrote, "To black working women, reports of Gabrielle Union being told her hair was 'too black' and being discouraged and dismissed when she dared address legitimate concerns of racism are painfully familiar and not at all unique." 

Union faced judgment on America's Got Talent for her hairstyles and ended up losing her role as one of the judges on the show.

This December 2019 post proved that Union was always going to embrace her beauty.

Union clapped back with a brave and confident Instagram video. "Unapologetically me. Be comfortable and confident with your whole ass self. It might give others the fluuuxxx but never stop being you. You can shine on your own terms. And if you got something to say... I dont take notes rooted in anti-blackness. I love me as i am," she wrote.