Hailey Bieber stars in a new editorial in Interview magazine, sporting a new ’90s-inspired 'do. It's dark, it's straight, and it's so wet it looks like she just got out of the shower. Her new grungy look is just one of many Hailey Bieber hair transformations, though this one isn't going to last — in the same editorial, she wears her hair in her usual blonde lob. Still, she looks fantastic as she brings back the ’90s in a major way.


Hailey Bieber, or Graham from But I'm a Cheerleader?

AHH, THIS LOOK IS EVERYTHING. Bieber is rocking an A-line short cut, in a nearly black color, with a straight texture that is such a change from her usual waves. It's a ’90s look that I definitely rocked in high school, except Bieber's is distinctly more sophisticated. The only thing she needs is a Nirvana T-shirt. She's reminding us of Graham from teen LGBQT+ flick But I'm a Cheerleader (1999), which, if you haven't seen, go watch it now!


Her new look was only temporary!

We're assuming that Bieber just wore a wig for the photo shoot, because in another image, she's rocking her usual blond medium-length lob with dark roots. Allure reports that Bieber's hair transformation was composed by stylist Bob Recine.


Bieber has done other huge hair transformations before.

The life of a model, always changing looks for clients. In June 2019, Bieber shared this photo of herself with extensions and a serious Ariana Grande ponytail planted right on top of her head, for Carolina Herrera's 212 perfume. Our roots hurt just looking at it.


Bieber always went platinum, and I stan.

There's something I love so much about platinum blonde hair on anyone — from Kim Kardashian to Camilla Mendes to Billie Eilish. For this look, Bieber's platinum blonde bob still keeps her signature dark roots. Swooning at this perfection.


Let's not forget her retro pink moment.

In one of Bieber's more dramatic hair transformations, she embraced a cherry pink color with wide, defined ringlets. It's a full-on Frenchie from Grease situation, with retro winged eyeliner and decidedly modern thin hoop earrings. 


Bieber also brought the early aughts vibes with a turquoise chop.

As we've seen, Bieber is a Time Lord, and has gone from the grungy ’90s to the Grease-era ’50s. For this look, she went with stringy teal locks, bringing me right back to my mall goth days in the early’00s. Billie Eilish would be proud.


Bieber's cropped hairstyle is FIRE.

My personal favorite Bieber look? I love love LOVE her straw-colored cropped hair moment. She's wearing it shaggy, with perfectly razored layers and a slight beachy wave, for extra movement. The texture is especially beautiful, and is sweetened out with a pink lip. Perfection.