Even if you've grown out of having to return to school each fall, it still feels like the season of fresh starts and reinvention. That makes it the best time of year to spice up (no pun intended) your hair. As the air gets cooler and the days get shorter, the bright yellow-blondes of summer seem increasingly out of place — but that doesn't mean you should automatically opt for a dark shade for autumn.

This year's trendy fall looks are all about taking advantage of the season's rich color palette.Try out one of these insanely viral and endlessly trendy fall hair color trends and give your look a breath of fresh fall air.

Strawberry Tones

Those looking to hold on to their summery aesthetic just a little bit longer will be relieved to know pink-tinted blonde shades are in this fall.

Toasted Coconut

A fun meeting ground between blonde and brunette, toasted coconut hair is a trendy take on a dramatic ombré. Dark roots melt into rich white-blondes for a high-contrast look.

Cold Brew Hair

Coffee lovers are no strangers to staring deep into their cups and fantasizing about a new 'do. Highlights and lowlights work together to give you a look that's as rich and creamy as your morning fix.

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots is a trendy coloring technique that even the most low-maintenance fashionista can handle. This one's for all of you who want a new color, but are over the thought of upkeep.

Gen Z Yellow

Gen Z Yellow is this year's answer to Millennial Pink, and you'll find it everywhere. Only the most daring will go for a whole head of this color.

Flannel Hair

This trend sees a whole range of warm fall reds intertwining with rich dark browns and blacks that'll create the same fuzzy feeling you get in your most comfortable flannel.

Geode Hair

Incorporate bright gem tones to your hair for a look that's far more than meets the eye. At the surface, you'll see your natural hair color, but underneath is a world of bright colors like the ones naturally found in the earth.

Warm Brunettes

Brunette hair is often a go-to for fall. While rich browns are wonderful, hairdressers have been warming them up with red, pink, and orange undertones for looks that feel just a touch warmer.

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair looks have been around for ages, but hey, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

Maroon Glaze

Glazes let you double down or ease up with the commitment of a semipermanent color. In this case, it's the perfect way to try out a bold fall red without going overboard.

Pumpkin Spiced Hair

Take your latte obsession to a whole new level.

Dark Purples and Blues

Funky colors are no longer taboo, and we're absolutely here for it. Many people are afraid to take the plunge straight into neon colors, but dark purples and blues are a baby step toward an edgier look with less risk.


The gray hair movement of 2017 lives on with gombré. Gray ombrés can run the whole spectrum from black to white and can be as subtle or as extreme as you dare to make them.

Metallic Tones

We're all on the hunt for colors that give us the glossiest hair possible, and metallic shades deliver. Any color can be given this shiny sheen by the right colorist.

Shine Line Color

Turn your whole head into an optical illusion with "shine line coloring." Bright colors accent the natural lines created when direct light hits your head. It'll turn you into an actual sparking prism.