halsey hair
photo: Instagram/iamhalsey

With everything from dye to extensions to wigs, Halsey has changed her hair look so many times, it's impossible for even die-hard fans to guess just how many times. She's sported long neon blue, a platinum blonde pixie, brunette locs, and everything in between.

But after returning to her naturally dark brunette hair for a few months, Halsey just debuted her first big hair switch-up in a while! Behold — RAINBOW BANGS. Have your stylist's phone number ready to call before you read this.

Halsey just casually revealed her new hair via Instagram on Thursday.

She captioned this low-key post with a rainbow of emojis including a cherry, peach, lemon, and sweat droplets. The new style is a nice little "eff you" gesture to people who questioned her dedication to the queer community after she was unrightfully roasted for waving a pride flag at a recent concert.

And here's a closer look:

halsey rainbow bangs
photo: Instagram/iamhalsey

Just try not to have a heart attack over how cute these bangs are, OK? I'm not trying to cause any physical harm here. But here's the kicker: No one is entirely sure if these colorful bags are actually real or if they are the result of a very playful clip-on bangs piece. Hopefully her hair stylist will spill the details very soon.

Whether or not these bags are real or fake, one thing is for sure.

photo: E!

I. WANT. THEM. And I'm betting that if you clicked on this story, you do too. *Googles salons with walk-in openings near me.*