Hilary Duff
photo: Splash News

Hilary Duff hasn't been shy about spilling a few secrets about the upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot, and now she's showing off a new look, presumably for the show. 

Her new feathered, blond bangs look exactly like how Lizzie's would look 20 years into the future. The iconic tween was known for her blond hairstyle, so of course it had to make a comeback in the reboot. 

Peek ahead for the first look of Duff as her alter ego, plus a behind-the-scenes shot from the New York set. 

The scrunchie, the hair flip. If this is Lizzie McGuire in her 30s, I'm here for it!

One fan shared a video that Duff posted on her Instagram Story, and it is peak Lizzie status. The adorable yellow scrunchie and sassy hair flip prove that even though she's grown up, she's still Lizzie. The bangs are also totally giving me inspiration for a potential haircut. 

And it also totally suits Duff. 

In a video shared on her Instagram Story, Duff talked about her new baby brand, Happy Little Camper. The mom of two looked so chic with the blond bangs. Honestly, this further proves that Lizzie and Hilary are one and the same. 

The new chop was thanks to her hairstylist and makeup artist Denise Madrigal. 

Duff shared a sticker of Lizzie's animated alter ego on her Instagram Story, so it's assumed that the new look is for her character. Madrigal has done the actor's hair plenty of times before and it always turns out flawlessly. The stylist wrote, "@hilaryduff is seriously a glowing queen, she makes my job so easy," in a post where she did her glittering makeup. 

Duff shared another behind-the-scenes shot in a bright yellow coat and a yellow gingham set from the first day of filming in New York City. 

Duff looked thrilled to be back in character as the teenage icon all grown up. "Happy first LIZZIE day!!!!! NYC ... cue the rain," Duff captioned her post. The 32-year-old wore a yellow gingham set and a bright yellow coat in Washington Square Park in New York City. 

Even though she's grown up now, Lizzie couldn't part ways with her baby bangs. And I'm not mad about it. 

Disney+ is bringing back the nostalgic Lizzie content in a big way, especially her hair. The blond bangs were a major moment for early '00s style, and if they're coming back, then that's just fine with me. But maybe let's leave the over-the-top hair accessories in the past where they belong.