Jennifer Lopez
photo: Splash News

Jennifer Lopez's career is still on a roll. 

The triple-threat celebrity has major Oscar buzz for her role as Ramona in Hustlers. Plus, she sold out her musical world tour. And let's not forget that she's headlining the Super Bowl with Shakira. Now she's got a new haircut to celebrate all of her successes. 

The mom of two has dyed her hair bright blond again, but this time with a fresh new style. Her usually long, curly locks were chopped into a cool asymmetrical bob. The look is super hot for fall and is sure to be an inspiration for many as it gets colder. 

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton is to thank for this gorgeous new bob. 

Appleton shared the glam photo of Lopez's hair perfectly coiffed on his Instagram. "J.Lo –– don’t be so intense," joked the celebrity stylist in his post. Appleton is noted for his incredible looks on celebs like Kim Kardashian West and Ariana Grande. 

Before this bold new 'do, Lopez had stunning long locks. 

Appleton styled Lopez's hair for her engagement party with Alex Rodriguez. Lopez shared this sweet shot kissing her fiancé showing off her stunning, flowing hair. Appleton also shared her look for the evening in a post and showed the actor some love, "How do you spell ra·di·ant? Been a minute, but it was good to glam this beauty today." 

This is a different style than the similar blond bob she rocked earlier this year at the Hustlers premiere. 

Lopez has gone short and blond before, but this one is a new take on the bob look. For her Hustlers premiere, Lopez opted for a new style that looked totally fierce. The bright blond was unlike any style the 50-year-old had ever done before. 

Of course, Lopez couldn't help but show off her totally cool new look. 

We all can only hope to look as incredible at 50 as J.Lo does. It's seriously unbelievable. Lopez shared this selfie with her glam squad Appleton and makeup artist Scott Barnes. "These guys ... doing what they do ... #fambam," she wrote. 

Lopez has major Oscar buzz for her role in Hustlers and took part in an interview with Robert Pattinson for Variety

An unlikely duo, Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lopez questioned each other about their respective critically acclaimed movies. Lopez talked about her upcoming Super Bowl appearance and how excited she is to take the big stage with Shakira. 

"We’re both excited to have been given the opportunity to do that, as two Latin women, in Miami. I think it’s important in this day and age for two Latin women to be standing on that stage — when Latinos are being treated a certain way in this country, or looked at a certain way — to show that we have a really specific and beautiful culture and worth and value, and we bring something to this country that’s necessary," she said in the interview.