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Since then, Kate seems to have worn hairnets almost every time she wears an updo, which is when it will make her life easier.

kate middleton updo
photo: Splash News

On this 2017 Royal Tour occasion, Kate and Wills flew from Poland to Berlin with their two kids, met with politicians, visited charities and memorials, and greeted the public. If I had to do all of that while also wrangling two children under eight, all with the knowledge that the cameras of the world were trained on me and any screw-ups I made, however small, would be front-page news...

I'd wear a hairnet too, is what I'm saying.

It also gives the Duchess a bit of room to experiment with different updo styles, especially the ones that defy any known hair logic.

kate middleton hairnet
photo: Getty Images Europe

This is from the 2017 Easter service, and no matter how far I zoom in, I CANNOT SEE THIS HAIRNET. I know, logically, that it must be there — nobody's hair can be THAT perfectly pinned — and yet I cannot detect it with my non-royal eyeballs.

The Middleton Hairnet has finally defeated me.

When attending Pippa's 2017, Kate's outfit and hat were 100% pale pink appropriateness. But her hair — again, ensconced in a hairnet — let her have a bit of fun with her look.

kate middleton pippa wedding
photo: Getty Images

OK, let's get this out of the way: Kate's style is pretty conservative. Her "fun hair" is not going to look like Katy Perry's. This is certainly the most elaborate updo I've ever seen her wear, especially to such a high profile event — the wedding of her sister, Pippa — and yes, the structural integrity is maintained thanks to an invisible hairnet.

Again, part of this may have been due to practical considerations. Though the ceremony took place inside, it seemed like a lot of Kate's job involved organizing the many page boys and flower girls. Kids at weddings are hard. Kids at weddings who have been forced to wear knickerbockers are even harder. If I were Kate, one simple hairnet would not be enough.

As Wills and Kate's family grows — they're currently expecting their third child — I wonder if we'll see more of the Middleton Hairnet... and if it could possibly start a trend.

kate middleton prince william
photo: Splash News

Most of us don't have to worry about looking picture-perfect for the paparazzi wherever we go, but if Kate is doing something, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on.

When Kate wears clothing, it sells out. When she gets long bangs, we ALL get long bangs. So if Kate's making elaborate updos and magical hairnets one of her beauty trademarks, how long until we all start doing it?

I'll be digging out my old ballet hairnets, just in case.

photo: Giphy