There are some things in life you can always count on. The sky is blue, the subway train will always be late, and it will rain on days when you leave your umbrella at home. Fashion model Kendall Jenner's signature dark brown hair is so ingrained into her image, it's difficult to imagine her with any other color — but she took to the runway at London Fashion Week with a new look. Jenner debuted her new blonde hair as she walked for the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2020 collection. She was almost unrecognizable, but fans on social media adored her new hair.

Jenner's new blonde hair is simply gorgeous.

On the runway, Jenner rocked her new blonde hair. It's a huge change from her usual medium-length dark brown hair, which she usually wears with her naturally thick and wavy texture. Jenner has jumped on the shadowy roots hair trend, keeping her center part dark ’n' stormy.

Her blonde hair makes her eyebrows look that much more impressive.

Jenner's eyebrows are the envy of anyone who's ever wanted straight, severe brows. Now, with blonde hair, her dark eyebrows pop even more. It's proof that you don't need to buy new shades of eyebrow pencils when you lighten your hair.

Fellow model Emily Ratajkowski is digging Jenner's new blonde 'do.

On Instagram, Jenner posted a video of herself closing the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2020 runway show finale, and followers, famous and common alike, were feeling her look. Emily Ratajkowski wrote, "Blonde is [fire emoji]," while celeb stylist Marnix Marni welcomed her to the blonde club, writing that blondes "DO have more fun!"

Jenner has blonde hair, and now I want blonde hair.

For those of us with naturally dark hair, blonde hair feels like a forbidden fruit. The amount of labor, bleach, and upkeep needed to obtain fresh straw-colored tresses can be overwhelming, not to mention the amount of money to cover at least three coloring sessions with a stylist. Yes, I have looked into this, and I gave up when I realized how expensive it would be. That's not a problem for Jenner, of course, but her gorgeous hair color has me considering taking up the blonde challenge.