kendall jenner tendrils

Kendall Jenner, noted fan of your 2001 prom hair.

photo: Reuters

It's a Kardashian world; we all just live in it.

Not content to let Kylie have all the early '00s beauty fun, Kendall Jenner has been working HARD to bring back hair tendrils.

You know tendrils: those inexplicable pieces of hair we left dangling in front of our faces like parentheses back in the early aughts. Because really, what could possibly frame one's face better than a couple of skinny pieces of hair yanked free from a too-tight ponytail?

Not content to leave these in the beauty graveyard (and my high school yearbooks) where they belong, style #influencer Kendall is trying to make them happen again.

Behold: your complete guide to Kendall's tendrils.

Kendall's tendril obsession began in May 2015.

kendall jenner hair 2015
photo: Reuters

These are what I would classify as entry-level tendrils: long sections of hair pulled out of a center-parted updo and left to fly free in her face. This hairstyle was last seen on every girl in my class at my year 11 formal.

By June, her tendril game was far more advanced.

kendall jenner 2015
photo: Reuters

Tendrils with hair worn down represents a MUCH higher degree of difficulty — gotta keep them separate from the rest of your hair! — and Kendall is managing it masterfully. Also note how her tendril is now set further back along her part. She's developing some skills.

By the end of 2015, Kendall was so dedicated to her tendril game that she was working them into her clip-on bangs.

kendall jenner topkot
photo: Reuters

Sometimes the true mark of a tendril genius is knowing when to keep it subtle.

Fast forward to 2016: the tendrils become thicker.

kendall jenner 2016
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And if you're going to the White House? How else would you wear your hair but in TENDRILS?

kendall jenner white house correspondents' dinner 2016
photo: Reuters

This is truly the pinnacle of the form: Not only is she rocking tendrils and a ponytail (peak '00s alert!), but the lengths of her hair are forming ADDITIONAL tendrils around her shoulders.

Are YOU going to try tendrils? Would you like to see a photo of me circa 2000-ish with tendrils CUT INTO my hair?

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See those little bits right at the front? That was not an accident, and they were not layers.