Kim Kardashian is one of the Hollywood queens of drastic hair changes. With her affinity for a variety of different wig styles, we never know which look she'll opt for next. Kardashian loves her signature long and middle-parted dark hair, but never hesitates to have some fun with a new cut or color. This spring, Kardashian seems to have kept the dark color but went for a shorter length. 

It's actually a hairstyle she returns to over and over again, and we totally get why. She looks dang good with short hair, and it's the perfect change for summer.

Bob Kim Kardashian is our favorite Kim Kardashian. 

The reality star and beauty mogul hit the town wearing baggy sweatpants, a crop top, and fresh Yeezy sneakers (duh). The chill athleisure ensemble looked even more casual and appropriate for warm weather thanks to her ultra-short bob. Kardashian typically opts for a medium-length bob during the fall, and we always look forward to the looks she serves. Now it seems she understands that when the weather gets warmer, going for shorter locks is how you keep cool (literally and figuratively).

Kardashian seems to be thoroughly enjoying her new 'do. 

She can't stop taking selfies in her Instagram stories. She's hanging out with Scott Disick and playing with the baby filters on the app. Basically, Kim Kardashian is us whenever we decide to live the bob life (ya know, minus Disick). We can't stop posing for selfies. 

You can say whatever you want about Kim Kardashian... 

But be honest, the woman knows how to work a freaking bob. It's just her look. Everyone has their look. She often does medium-length bobs in the fall, and then returns to the shorter version when it warms up outside.

In July 2018, Kim Kardashian sported the same chin-length hairstyle. 

With the most cropped crop top I have ever seen, and velvet leggings that fit like a second skin, Kim Kardashian served up nothing but bob and body! Let's hope she keeps this wig for more than one street-style day this year. Even if she doesn't, this is your seasonal reminder to play with shorter hair this spring and summer. That selfie reel in your phone will thank you!