Kim Kardashian changed up her signature raven locks.
photo: Splash News

Another day, another new Kardashian hair swap.

Kim Kardashian showed off some absolutely flawless honey-toned mermaid waves on her Instagram Stories that were truly enviable. It's not the first time the reality star has gone blond, but this caramel color might be her best yet. 

Her fellow hair chameleon sisters have been eyeing this shade of hair, too, it seems, but their older sis beat them to it. In her Story, Kardashian joked that she had won the battle of the blonds, and Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian sent in their own fiery responses. 

As she was getting her hair and makeup done, Kardashian showed off the new style. 

Kardashian was proud of her new locks and was getting styled to perfection by César DeLeön Ramirêz. The warmer tone perfectly complemented her skin tone and made her look so beachy and tan. I'm here for this springtime shade, and it's making me ready for some sunshine!

The honey-blond shade is so perfect, but it's probably just a wig. 

One person admired the perfection of the shade and wondered how in the world she pulled it off. "I have been trying for years to get the honey blonde that @KimKardashian just did but my hair pulls orange for some reason. I wish I could afford her glam squad," they wrote in a tweet. Well, most likely the look was pulled from a vast collection of wigs just for the Kardashian family. 

The voluminous curls are mermaid status. 

Kardashian has tried a wide variety of blond shades, but this caramel color may be her best yet. She's opted for platinum waves and bobs, and has tried to pull off this honey tone before, but never as perfectly as this. 

Kardashian tagged her sisters Kylie and Khloé in the post for a friendly battle of the blonds. 

In one video, Kardashian called out her sisters Khloé and Kylie for trying to get this color first. The sneaky sister said, "So Kylie and Khloé thought that they were going to beat me to this hair color. I got 'em!" It looks like these two will have to work faster to keep up with the magical Kim Kardashian West. 

Kylie Jenner was not gonna let it slide, and called out her sister for wearing fake hair. 

Of course, that video sparked a battle of the blonds. Kylie Jenner didn't hold back at all and totally called out Kim. "We know it's a wig @kimkardashian," Jenner wrote. 

Meanwhile, Khloé conceded with a little more grace. 

Khloé also chimed in, but her response was a little more laid-back. Kardashian wrote, "That's how you win lady!!!!" No hard feelings in this sibling rivalry. 

Kardashian is feeling her new springtime look. 

The mom of four also showed off the look in a video on Twitter, in which she looked so fresh and summery. She captioned the video with an appropriate sun emoji. I'm just as ready for the spring as this makeup mogul is, and I can't wait to see what the blond look is for.