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Like, well, pretty much everyone, I was hoping Kim Kardashian had learned the error of her ways. In the past, she's addressed blackface accusations and her Aaliyah Halloween costume head on, always expressing interest in learning from her fans and growing. I had confidence that Kardashian would stop putting herself in compromising situations in 2018.

Unfortunately, her most recent hairstyle has left me — and the rest of the internet — wondering if she's really learned anything. 

On her Snapchat, Kardashian called her hair look "Bo Derek" braids, when they're actually Fulani braids. 

kim kardashian braids
photo: Kim Kardashian Snapchat

For those who may be a little too young to know what Kardashian is *trying* to reference, she's talking about Bo Derek's braids in the movie "10." What most people were concerned about is that the style is actually called "Fulani" braids, and are frequently worn by Black women (like majority of the styles that the Kardashian family wears), which in turn makes Kardashian's hairstyle VERY whitewashed. Not only is she appropriating a Black hairstyle, but she's crediting the look to a white woman instead of the Black community.

As an FYI, here's the look Kardashian SAID she's referencing from the film...

... while here are actual Fulani braids that Black women have been wearing for, like, ever.

When one of Kardashian's Snapchat fan pages posted the video on Instagram, the backlash was swift. 

"She's appropriating for sure," one commenter said. 

I mean, this is a textbook definition of appropriating. 

"She should know better than this," another insisted. 

We have been down this road TOO MANY TIMES. 

"[She] just can't give credit where credit is due," another follower said. "Those braids came from Africa not Bo Derek." 

Twitter also called her out for cultural appropriation, while simultaneously sharing more images of beautiful Fulani braids. 


Look, if Kardashian was really trying to reference Derek's braids in "10," that's fine, but she can't ignore how problematic it is to ONLY mention that film as a source of inspiration. 

Even in 2018, there is still a stigma attached to braids, and when you strip them away from the culture attached to them, it glosses over the struggles of those who wear them. I had hoped that Kardashian, a woman who frequently profits off the Black community, would finally realize how her appropriation is still very far from appreciation, but it seems like we're not still not there.