Despite the messy allegations swirling about her best friend Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner still has a heck of a lot to celebrate! After all, when you have an adorable baby girl, a seemingly healthy relationship with a rap star, and are a few lip kits away from being the youngest self-made billionaire ever, there is always a little sunshine during the rain, right? 

The Jenner news we're swooning over as of late is her bombshell cover and photo spread for PAPER Magazine. Jenner has gone platinum blonde plenty of times before, but she's turned up the heat several notches with these new editorial looks. 

kylie jenner red carpet
photo: Getty Images

Stormi's mom is pulling off major blonde pixie cut slayage on the digital cover of PAPER Magazine's transformation issue.

This is the first time we've seen Jenner wear her hair this short. Immediately, Kris Jenner's occasional shots at the blonde pixie come to mind. She manages to channel her glam mom while looking incredibly fresh and fun.

The net, earrings, and even the dark brows paired with the platinum cut are all very vintage-inspired. Keep in mind, though, that this is 100% a wig and not an honest to God haircut.

Shot by the Morelli Brothers, the rest of the PAPER photo spread is just as edgy and glamorous.

Retro-style threads and a sultry sheet background perfectly accompany Jenner's throwback hair. Here, she's a vision in Balenciaga, styled by Anna Trevelyan.

The inimitable Tokyo Stylez is responsible for Jenner's platinum look in PAPER.

In a sparkly top and skirt set, Jenner looks like a showgirl ready to kill an eight count. The blunt-cut bob with bangs matches the stage vibes of it all!

FYI, Stylez is the go-to hairstylist for both Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. Every gorgeous look you've seen them wear on red carpets, during performances, and even for their respective fashion and beauty campaigns — that's all Stylez. He also previously worked for Nicki Minaj

Jenner's hairstyles in the shoot range from Showgirls to major Donatella Versace tease. 

Jenner is no stranger to long, sleek tresses, but in this black dress featuring a gold chain waist belt she directly channels design icon Donatella Versace. A number of fans made the same connection on Instagram, and PAPER Magazine confirmed the inspiration.

"Alexa, play “#Donatella” by @ladygaga and turn it tf up," the magazine shared in an Instagram caption.

This shoot was all about making us drown in classic look after classic look. Behold, Kylie Jenner giving us menswear-inspired old Hollywood glamour!

Jenner doesn't wear many pantsuits. I'm glad her return to the menswear style is with this coifed, platinum blonde hair. While she always looks sultry and sophisticated, this hair and these threads give her an entirely different appeal. 

The makeup mogul also seemed truly in love with the final shots. She shared nearly every photo from the shoot on her Instagram.

Tons of her fans and Hollywood peers are ecstatic about the shoot. 

Supermodels Winnie Harlow and Bella Hadid immediately gushed over the shoot in her comments section. Jenner also inspired Paris Hilton to drop her classic "that's hot" tagline underneath a photo! The fashion girls and America's most iconic carefree heiress agree: Jenner bodied these stills. 

Kendall Jenner may not be the only one with supermodel potential in this family.  

Naturally, there were a few critics. 

Lots of people critiqued her hair and clothes, and honestly that's par for the course; fashion and beauty are subjective. However, a few fans made the interesting point that having someone from this family on a cover isn't the freshest move media can make. 

"A Kardashian/Jenner? On the cover of Paper Magazine? Groundbreaking," one user shared. 

It's a valid critique.

Thankfully PAPER did more than score a few glam shots of the Lip Kit queen. The magazine actually got Jenner to spill a bit of tea! 

In an era where media sites undoubtedly oversaturate the news cycle with Kardashian and Jenner headlines, the people need magazines to do a lot more than provide good angles. The sisters do that well on their own social media platforms.

In this interview, however, Jenner actually confirmed and shut down rumors about plastic surgery

"People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false," she shared in the interview. 

photo: E!

"I'm terrified! I would never. They don't understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do."

And there you have it! Jenner is once again open about getting fillers but stresses that she has not laid on anyone's table to get anything permanent done to her face. Do with that information what you will, skeptics!

For the record, this isn't Kylie Jenner's first PAPER cover. It's her second! 

She first covered PAPER in 2016, and the shoot featured bold colors for her wigs, makeup, and clothing. With her ever-changing hairstyles, lip editing methods, and her former shyness about filler talk — Jenner was growing up and figuring out how she wanted to express herself right along with her fans.

At the time, Jenner was still on a journey to fully understand how to turn her influence into an empire that stands apart from the initial Kardashian brand. The theme of the cover and interview was all about how she used her massive social media platform and obsession with lipstick to create a thriving business for herself. 

Now that Kylie Jenner is headed towards a billionaire's tax bracket, has succeeded at making Kylie Cosmetics a powerful force in the beauty industry, and is now a mother of a 1-year-old baby — having her cover the transformation issue does make sense.

photo: MTV

So much about her actually has transformed since 2016, and this old Hollywood style shoot full of edgier hair and clothing definitely nails where she is right now. She's much more mature and comfortable talking about what she does and does not have figured out. Jenner also seems pretty secure with what she actually shares with the world and when she shares it. 

However redundant, this Jenner cover was executed well. Go ahead and prepare yourselves for more blonde pixies to pop out this spring and summer. 

After all, that's the KarJenner effect, right?