In case you haven't heard, and I'm not sure how that would be possible, Kylie Jenner is platinum blonde now. No, it's not a wig — Kylizzle actually had her real-life hair peroxided and toned within an inch of its life.

And it seems to have awakened her inner ditz.

That's right: much as I hate the "dumb blonde" stereotype, Kylie sure has been living up to it lately. Case in point: she says that her follicular makeover was completely unintentional.

In a new interview, Kylie claims that her platinum blonde ambition was basically an accident.

“I actually didn’t mean to go platinum,” she told People. “I really wanted a nice, honey dirty blonde and when we started bleaching it, it got so light so fast and I was like ‘Wow, my hair is not damaged, I can do this.’”

My reaction:

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Going platinum blonde is HARD — it's even harder when your natural color is as dark as Kylie's. It needs to be planned and premeditated. Nobody's near-black hair "gets light so fast," and then, whoops, you're Khaleesi!

This is the latest in a long line of weird half-truths Kylie tells about her appearance — remember, she famously "never" had lip injections (until she did). It's fine to get your lips done, just like it's fine to go platinum blonde. But fibbing about it, then acting like you were aiming for the blonde moon and landed on a silvery star instead is weird.

Kylie can play dumb about her hair all she wants, but her own Snapchat is revealing the truth.

"Hey Kylie, how long did it ACTUALLY take you to bleach and tone your hair?"
"All day."

After what looked like the second bleaching, Kylizzle told her followers that she "couldn't decide" between honey blonde and platinum.

Platinum was always, always on the table.

And it was uncomfortable.

The kind of uncomfortable you only suffer through if you KNOW that you're going to get that sweet, sweet media attention for your "hair transformation" afterwards.

It took *such* a long time that she and her glam team had to stop for a lunch break halfway through.

But the color accident still wasn't done.

And then, hours after she "didn't mean to" do it, Kylizzle was a platinum blonde.

And was CLEARLY having more fun.

Who knows what beauty "accident" Kylie will have next?

Maybe she'll mean to put on mascara and UNINTENTIONALLY get lash extensions instead. Or she'll go to brush her hair and ACCIDENTALLY stack six wigs on top of each other. (Actually that would be really funny).

Anyway. Tell me what YOU think about Kylizzle's new hair kolor in the comments, or over on Facebook!