Lime Crime has made its name off of crazy fun makeup, but we don't praise the brand enough for keeping our unicorn hair obsession going on quite the regular basis. 

The brand is all about color when it comes to makeup *and* hair — and now they're inviting brunettes to the rainbow hair party with the new Dark Unicorn collection.

Lime Crime has launched four new Unicorn hair dyes made specifically for brunettes with medium to light brown hair. Get your goth mermaid on with this Sea Witch color.

The Fantasy Hair Colors ($16, Lime Crime) come as full-coverage gel dyes meant to last for a significant amount of time. 

The vegan dyes are semi-permanent and are created to offer full coverage.

For brunettes who may want to go red for the fall, the brand has this "Chestnut" color.

If you're down to go gray, Lime Crime has this gorgeous deep charcoal color.

This is the perfect alternative for people who want to brighten up their hair with a grey shade but don't want to (or can't) go all Storm from X-Men platinum. 

For dark-haired beauties who want to go a deep purple, then you can go with the inky Squid shade.

These Dark Unicorn shades drop on Tuesday, October 24 at 10 AM PST — set your calendar alerts now, people!

Will you be racing to the Lime Crime website to transform your dark hair into a unicorn masterpiece? Because I'm looking at that deep purple like YES!