Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus shows us that the ultimate way to prove you're over a breakup is with an adventurous haircut, and it worked big time. 

The singer is no stranger to an edgy look, rocking more styles than we can count. Her latest Hannah Montana-esque blond hair with full bangs is gone and has been replaced with a Billy Ray Cyrus–style mullet.

The modernized mullet is totally on-trend and has made a comeback. It's been around throughout the fall, and stars like Barbie Ferreira and Billie Eilish have rocked the look. 

Miley had edgy Hannah Montana vibes with this supercute blond look. 

The singer was due for an update to her hairstyle, as any bad breakup will make you do. So, of course, she'd lose the breezy blond lob and try something totally punk rock. It's very on-brand for the self-proclaimed tattoo queen.

Honestly, the choppy, modern mullet doesn't look bad at all on the singer. But some of her fans thought otherwise. 

Miley Cyrus Instagram Story
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Cyrus caught some heat for the avant-garde style. Some fans were disappointed with the look and made some nasty comments. I think she rocks it, and if anyone could pull off a mullet, it'd be the edgy celebrity. 

Obviously Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter would be the next to get the chop. 

Of all of the mullets throughout the years, Billy Ray Cyrus might have had the most iconic. While his daughter's is a fresher take on the look, it's clear where she got the inspiration. His long locks were a staple of '80s country music. 

How sweet that she let her mom make the first cut?

Tish Cyrus chopped some of her daughter's hair, but Miley went to a professional for the edgy style. The 27-year-old recently celebrated her birthday with the new chop. Her mom captioned a post, "Giving @mileycyrus a little B-day haircut!! #staytuned #itsgood."  And she did not disappoint. 

The final look from Sally Hershberger turned out so punk rock. 

"PUNK VIBE," the stylist captioned a post of the final chop. The texturized shag haircut is part of a major trend and it's not hard to see why. For those who like a little edge to their style, this layered look is so on-point. 

Even Vogue knows the mullet is making a major comeback.

After designers and stylists had mullets walking down catwalks at New York Fashion Week, it was clear that the retro hairstyle was back in a big way. Now multiple celebrities have taken it on, and Miley is just the latest to try it out. I just want to know ... why did it take her so long?

Barbie Ferreira rocked the look for fashion week. 

The Euphoria star had a goth look with her jet black mullet hair, handcuff earrings, and soft, feminine eye makeup. The juxtaposition of the two styles was so fashion-forward. The 22-year-old was the perfect example of a feminine mullet.

And Billie Eilish had the style for a moment at a Gucci gala.

Billie Eilish has been rocking an even more edgy mullet with bright neon-green roots. The 17-year-old still has the neon color, but it's a bit more evened out than at this event. Honestly, it works on her.