kourtney kardashian pink dress
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Style icon Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family” is famous for her long, shiny black hair. Ever since her character debuted onscreen, people have channeled her look by attempting straight dark locks with a center part. Sure, not everyone has access to a haunted mansion, but the Morticia Addams hairstyle is one everyone can try. So in honor of the television and movie character’s look, here are 25 times celebrities mimicked Morticia Addams with their hairstyles. 


Although Ariel Winter has tried many hair colors, black is her signature. 

ariel winter black hair
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If there's ever an "Addams Family" musical, they better cast Demi Lovato! 

demi lovato black hair
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Say it with me: "BONE STRAIGHT HAIR." 

demi lovato shiny hair
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Kim Kardashian is known for her long black hair as well. 


Maybe Morticia would've been wearing a jumpsuit in 2018.

kim kardashian black outfit
photo: Edward Opi / Splash News

Or a crop top!

kim kardashian long hair
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Out of all the Kardashians, Kourtney wears long black hair the MOST. 

kourtney kardashian black hair
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What a PERFECT center part. 

kourtney kardashian black outfit
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Known for her fierce walk, Naomi Campbell's long black tresses slay us, too. 

naomi campbell black hair
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Cardi B often changes her hair, but she's worn straight black hair from time to time. 

cardi b black hair
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Sometimes it even cascades down her back! 

cardi b blue dress
photo: VMAL/SMX/Splash News

You thought that was long? Now THIS is long. 

cardi b pink dress
photo: Frank Sullivan/Splash News

Whether curly or straight, Ashley Graham always looks flawless. 

ashley graham long hair
photo: John Nacion / Splash News

Lizzo casually channeled Morticia before bedtime. 


Rihanna rocked her Morticia Addams hair with baby hairs. 

rihanna black hair
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Never forget Nicki Minaj's long black hair phase. 

nicki minaj black hair
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She's worn elbow-grazing black hair too. 

nicki minaj blue dress
photo: XactpiX / Splash News

Although she's not afraid of bright neon hair colors, Kylie Jenner sometimes dons black. 


Addams would probably wear a black Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick. 


Back in 2013, Katy Perry wore her hair with a slight wave to the Grammys. 

katy perry black hair
photo: Jen Lowery / Splash News

If Addams liked glitter, I imagine she'd wear Perry's outfit. 

katy perry glittery dress
photo: Nancy Rivera / Splash News

Rising supermodel Duckie Thot has long black hair too. 

Duckie thot black hair
photo: Splash News

Whether wearing a minimalist black dress or a dramatic white gown, Thot has her signature hairstyle DOWN. 

duckie thot white dress
photo: Photo Image Press / Splash News

Zendaya is another hair chameleon, who wears her hair in a variety of styles. 

zendaya red carpet
photo: London Entertainment/Splash News

Z OWNS the center part.

zendaya center part
photo: Johns PKI/Splash News

Maybe one day one of these stars could be cast in an "Addams Family" remake? 

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