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This oil slick looks like a gorgeous dark rainbow.

This is so very Little Goth Mermaid.

Oil slick balayage? YES PLEASE.

This braided updo makes these gorgeous jewel-toned highlights really stand out.

If you're wondering if this color looks amazing on curly hair, the answer is YES.

Further proof for our girls with the curls.

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And of course, this look is incredible on everyone.

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Adding more green adds a little punk to your peacock.

And you can go subtle with these colors, too — keep the highlights underneath the first layer of your hair for maximum awesomeness.

But never shy away from the ultimate in drama!

Not feeling the super-rich colors? Lighter shades work well, too — just make sure they all stay in the cool-toned family!

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And subtle shades of purple and blue work, too.

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Does this NOT look like the most gorgeous oil bubble you've ever seen?

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No matter who you are...

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Or how you're rocking it...

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Oil slick hair color is THE MOVE for spring.

How will YOU embrace this trend?

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