People are cutting their own hair at home
photo: Splash News

When there's literally nothing left to do, some people have turned to the ultimate testament of boredom — at-home haircuts

Pandemic or Coronavirus Bangs are trending on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Basically, people have figured out the twist-and-cut technique to cut your own bangs. Of course, this technique only works if you have an understanding of how hair cutting and styling works, so attempt at your own risk. 

Since many stylists and salons are shut down thanks to the self-quarantine, at-home cuts may be the only way to keep pesky fringe from growing too long.

#PandemicBangs is trending on social media.

People can't keep the scissors down when there's nothing else to do. Why not give yourself a chop? Well, there could be some seriously detrimental side effects. So, attempt an at-home haircut at your own risk. "If y’all see me out here with bangs it’s bc the corona virus has me bored out of my mind," someone tweeted.

Hair salons may be closed down for now, but don't attempt cutting your own hair. It's not worth it.

Only cut your own hair if you feel completely confident that you won't give yourself a bowl cut or accidental side bangs. One person on Twitter warned of the danger of cutting your hair out of boredom, "In today’s tales from the pandemic abyss: leave your hair alone. Especially your bangs."

Think of the consequences.

Nobody wants to end up as the next internet sensation for embarrassing haircuts. If you chop your bangs and film it, well there's no guarantees. There's a reason we pay stylists the big bucks. "Pandemic happening... Life’s crazy... Now is the ideal time to give yourself those bangs," one chaotic Twitter user wrote.

One at-home haircut went surprisingly well.


Hairdresser Reacts. Listen, she does have VERY easy hair to work with. ##duet with @marresak ##hairdresserreacts ##PlayWithLife ##makeuphacks

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YouTuber Brad Mondo, who reacts to cringey at-home hair styles, was pleasantly surprised with one TikTokker's DIY chop. Even these step-by-step instructions are risky for someone like me with little hand-eye coordination.

The latest TikTok trend is making fun of those impulsive choppers.

One celebrity hair stylist joked that she was going to attempt the twist-and-cut method on her own bangs. She mimicked the trend going viral on TikTok, but didn't go through with the chop. Justine Marjan wrote, "I don’t know who needs to hear this, but this is not the time to cut your bangs at home... follow me on TikTok: justinemarjan."

The at-home chop has worked out for some.

One Twitter user shared her impulsive hair cut on Twitter inspiring others to try the same. She wrote, "update on life: stuck at my uni so i gave myself bangs ~ thank you Coronavirus." 

Her risky look turned out great and inspired a few stories like this one at NBC.

Support stylists who are still working, or practice social distancing by trimming your own fringe.

If your bangs are getting too long to handle then follow along to step-by-step tutorials. If you have never cut your own bangs before, then maybe try letting them grow out for a season. Once this is all over the stylists will be very ready to give you the perfect spring look.