Rowan Blanchard doesn't shave her armpits.
photo: Splash News

Rowan Blanchard may have started out as your typical Disney Channel star on the hit show Girl Meets World, but she's anything but basic now. 

The actress and activist is outspoken on social media and is unapologetically herself. The 18-year-old experiments with style and looks on her social feeds and on the red carpet, but one part of her is unchanging. Blanchard is one of the empowered women who chooses to forgo shaving her underarms — and it empowers us to try it too. 

Rejecting traditional feminine beauty standards, Blanchard posed on the cover of a magazine and in a lovely photo shoot unashamedly showing off her unshaven underarms. 

Blanchard was looking lovely in her photo shoot for Cultured Magazine

Blanchard is one of a few female celebrities unashamed to bare her armpit hair, and I hope it's sparking a trend. It's time we reject beauty standards that require women to be completely hairless! Body hair is beautiful. 

As the cover star, Blanchard talked about the formative years of her career and how she grew into herself. 

Whether she's on the cover, in a photo shoot, or on the red carpet, Blanchard is 100 percent herself. The refreshing natural photos looked so artsy and cool, while representing her personality. Blanchard is youthful and fun, but also totally mature for her age and understanding of a variety of social issues. 

Blanchard started out as a Disney star, and has now grown to become an activist and actor. 

Blanchard is definitely a feminist and is vocal about women's issues and other civil rights. What started as child stardom blossomed into an outspoken social media personality with other progressive friends. 

She's besties with fellow body hair activist Amandla Stenberg. 

Blanchard poses frequently with Stenberg, who also chooses to forgo shaving. In the interview, Blanchard shared that the two want to move to New York City together. I could totally see them living the New York dream as actors together. 

Blanchard has been unashamed in showing off her natural body hair on Instagram for ages now. 

After her cookie-cutter Disney days, Blanchard let her true self shine. Now she poses and flaunts her natural self on her social media platforms. 

Blanchard has gotten some flack on Instagram for her hair, but she doesn't seem to care one bit. 

Even when she gets hate in the comments, it doesn't seem to hold her back from being her authentic self. The empowered role model is setting a great example for young women her age, whether she's actively trying to or not. 

Blanchard shared a photo of '90s queen Drew Barrymore showing off her underarm hair. 

Clearly, Blanchard is inspired by fellow body hair icon Drew Barrymore, who started the trend in the '90s. Back then it was far more taboo, and thankfully it's become slightly more normalized, thanks in part to celebs like Blanchard for being refreshingly natural and relatable.