Ryan Lochte is many things: 7-time Olympic gold medalist, reality TV star, catchphrase aficionado, superbabe... and now, beauty icon.

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He had us at JEAH.

That's right. In the leadup to the 2016 summer Olympics, Ryan hasn't *just* been inflating swimming caps with his nose...

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He's also been hard at work on a SEXY NEW SUMMER HAIR LEWK.

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And, y'know, pretending to eat bleach. As one does.

Here's his brand new Olympic hair: platinum blonde with an icy blue-gray tint.

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He and teammate James Feigan are off to compete in Rio with matching #icyblue hair, thanks to Atlanta-based colorist Jenn Jones.

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Dyeing your hair pastel to match your boy: Total Frat Move.

Could he have been inspired by noted platinum fuckboy Justin Bieber?

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Or perhaps Zayn, the ultimate softboy?

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All I know is that he better have packed some violet shampoo, because bleached hair + chlorinated water = MAD discoloration.

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Don't let bad hair happen to hot people, Ryan.

See you in the pool, you beautiful Sex Idiot.

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We'll definitely be watching... for the beauty inspo, of course.

photo: NBC / 30 Rock

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