Move over, Dr. Pimple Popper — there's a new equally shocking (but weirdly engrossing) video out there (and it has nothing to do with pimples).

Christina Kreitel, owner of Intrepid Studio Salon in Utah, posted a video of a client's postpartum hair loss, and it quickly went viral.

The video featured Kreitel pulling out several clumps of hair from her client's head.

"Nothing like that Post Pregnancy Shed man!" she captioned the photo. "You know the time, 4 months postpartum and you FILL that drain! I’m going through this myself and like to collect it on the wall of my shower."

She also called it "grossly satisfying."

Can't. Stop. Watching.

At the time of writing, the video has more than 4 million views.

The number shouldn't be too surprising. According to the American Pregnancy Association, excessive hair loss after pregnancy affects 40-50% of women. It's only temporary, but can still be extremely frightening.

Kreitel's client is far from alone.

The salon owner's comments flooded with mothers who totally understood what her client was going through.

Don't worry, mamas — you're not alone.

photo: Giphy

And you'll have your hair back to its ~luscious~ state soon.