sarah jessica parker hair
photo: Splash News

Sarah Jessica Parker is a hair icon. Whether she's killing us softly with her natural curls or lighting up our entire lives with her ever-changing blond highlights, she's eternally our hair inspiration.

But now, SJP has made the ultimate hair transformation — and it's a total throwback to one of her most iconic "Sex and the City" looks.

SJP was spotted on the streets of New York filming a ~mysterious~ upcoming project... and she has a platinum bob.

sarah jessica parker
photo: Splash News


Is not.

A drill.

As in, "Khaleesi, but make it fashion."

sarah jessica parker bob
photo: Splash News

If the Mother of Dragons needed to get all three of those babies into a Manhattan private school, this is the haircut she would have.

Parker is filming something tentatively titled "Unfollow the Rules," in which she plays a character called Vivienne... and if you think Vivienne's blonde bob looks familiar, you're not alone.

It looks an *awful* lot like Carrie Bradshaw's season 4 hair in "Sex and the City" — but blonder.

sjp short hair
photo: HBO / Wikipedia Creative Commons

This cut and style is what we here at Revelist casually call the "I'm drunk at Vogue" haircut.

photo: Giphy

Some may call it "super blonde beach waves," but I choose to make a slightly more elaborate reference.

While this 2017 chopped style is almost definitely a wig, I'm into it — but Sarah Jessica is such a magical unicorn that there's NO hairstyle she couldn't make me love, basically.

sarah jessica parker blonde bob
photo: Splash News

Now the only question is: Do I want to go platinum, or do I just want that perfectly wavy style and sparkly dress? I think it might be the dress.