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Members of the curly-haired community know how challenging it can be to keep your style intact while also staying warm. When I was natural for several years, I had many painful experiences of fighting off frostbite in the winter because I didn’t want a hoodie or hat to ruin my twist out!

However, that problem may be a thing of the past. Thanks to a rapper’s ingenious hoodie idea, you can be comfortable, slay, AND fight the elements all at the same time. No one should have to compromise their curls or sacrifice warmth, after all.

When rapper Smino debuted these satin-lined hoodies on Twitter, his followers were shooketh. 

As curly-haired and #teamnatural girls and guys know, satin is a KEY factor in saving your curls overnight (if you don't have satin pillowcases, what are you doing?!).

"If you got hair, if you don't got hair, a low-cut ... it's 'gonna work out nicely. Plus, it's hella warm," Smino explained to Blavity.

The $60 hoodies come in pink with a contrasting satin lining in the hoodie. 

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Satin hoodie ($60, Zero Fatigue

On Twitter, Smino showed a photo of a burgundy hoodie with a green lining, so it's safe to say that others designs exist, just not on the website. In fact, he also told Blavity he plans on releasing more colors in the future!

One follower gave him a standing ovation gif. 

Others needed to reevaluate their napping lifestyle when they saw the hoodie. 


One user, however, noted how important this hoodie is — because natural hair is often overlooked in products. 

"See now, that is so beautifully thoughtful. [Because] other [people] don't think about the work of caring for natural hair," a Twitter user said. 

Sadly, both styles are currently sold out, but it sounds like a restock will be soon. Plus, thanks to the product's popularity, more retailers may start considering what the natural and curly-haired community would like to see. 

In the meantime, visit Zero Fatigue to check out a hoodie! 

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